Seventh grade

Core Subjects

Students in grade seven read stories and poems that can help increase their understanding of the world, man, and God from a Christian perspective. Students will gain exposure to people of different ages, nationalities, races, cultures, and economic levels to develop a better understanding of people’s motives and feelings and to recognize the consequences of particular actions.
 Students will also become familiar with classics such as A Christmas Carol, Robinson Crusoe, Don Quixote, and Of Plymouth Plantation.

Students will learn to recognize the different parts of speech, fit these parts of speech together to form sentences, join sentences together to make paragraphs, and organize paragraphs into compositions.

They will also learn to develop complete and orderly thoughts and to communicate those thoughts clearly and concisely, so that they can use God’s gift of language effectively. The application of spelling rules to lists of challenging words are emphasized as is the utilization of expanded vocabulary.  All spelling words are practical, and many are words that are frequently misspelled.

Grade seven intermediate mathematics gives a strong review of all arithmetic concepts with practical application to daily life. Instruction in plane and solid geometry, probability and statistics, and algebra provides the foundation students need to enjoy success in future mathematics courses.

Students in grade 7 learn History and Geography presented from a conservative, Christian perspective as part of a well-rounded program designed to give them a better understanding and a working knowledge of the geography of the Eastern Hemisphere.

History in grade 7 emphasizes the providence of God in the actions of men. It provides
students with heroes to emulate and goals to fulfill by focusing on the individuals whose character, initiative, and hard work have made a positive impact on world history.

In grade 7 science is taught through Abeka’s Order and Design, a life science text that begins with the more complex plant world and human anatomy and physiology. Evolutionary hypotheses are discussed and discarded as unscientific. Similarities between man and animals are explored and proved to be the result of a common Designer, laying a biblical foundation of origins. A look at the complexity of the “simple” cell, the basis of all life, emphasizes the hand of the Creator in its design. A study of ecology shows God’s providential design in the relationships between living things and their environments.

Key learning

The Christian perspective of grammar and composition in grade 7 promotes standards of correct grammar and usage, equipping students with the tools they need to become effective communicators in both speaking
and writing. 


Grade seven intermediate mathematics gives a strong review of all arithmetic concepts with practical application to daily life. With solid skills in arithmetic, students have the confidence to advance to other branches of mathematics.