Fifth Grade

Core subjects

Students in grade five delve into Christian literature including fiction, non-fiction, plays,  poems and Biblical scriptures. They will write formal book reports, improve comprehension skills, and improve reading fluency through timed assessments. Parts of speech,  diagramming sentences and more advanced grammar practices will be mastered. Students will progress through the writing process by learning editing techniques, using dialogue,  write thank you notes, learn to take notes and make outlines which prepare them for higher learning in secondary education.

Key learning

In the area of mathematics, students will master numbers through the billions. They will practice all operations with large numbers, multiply fraction by fractions, learn Roman numerals and change fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions. In regard to problem solving and applied math, students will make scale drawings, learn names of triangles, perform square roots and be introduced to ratios, percent and proportion. In pre-algebra, students will use negative numbers, exponents, bases and radicals.

 In the areas of history and geography, students will learn about the cradle of civilizations, the Fertile Crescent, Egypt, the Middle East today, Central and  Southeast Asia, China, Ancient Greece, Africa long ago and today, Rome, Christianity, the Middle Ages, Central and Northern Europe, England and the Magna Carta and more. In science, students will continue the study of insects and animals, mammals, light energy, machines and energy, oceanography, astronomy, vertebrates, and weather. In science, fifth grade students will study the circulatory system, the digestive system, nutrient study, and interpersonal relationships.


Fifth grade students will learn about personal responsibility with a practical study of the Christian's spiritual armor.