Fourth Grade

Core subjects

Students in grade 4 continue to hone their skills in the core subjects. Students will develop and apply literary concepts such as: title, author, character, main character, plot, setting, moral, main idea, stanza, summary, symbolism, climax, autobiography, biography, fiction, non-fiction, act, scene, and simile.

Key learning

In the area of mathematics, students will master mental math in all operations- addition,  subtraction, multiplication and division. They will continue with fractions by adding, subtracting and multiplying mixed numbers and fractions. They will utilize decimals in addition and subtraction. Students will solve 1 -3 step words problems for all operations, fractions and decimals. Students will add on to their basic knowledge of time, money, measurement, plane geometry and begin basic pre-algebraic thinking when finding missing  numbers in problems.

 In the areas of history and geography, students will continue learning early US history regarding early colonies, the Revolutionary War, early national documents and locations of the same. Students will also learn about basic California history. In science, students will focus on units involving plants, insects, birds, matter, water, air and weather, as well as energy, geology, astronomy, and oceanography.  


They will analyze the structure of narrative, informative, sequential, descriptive, problem/solution, compare/contrast, cause/ effect texts. Students will determine first and third person point of view. Students will continue writing narrative, descriptive, compare/contrast, problem/solution, cause/effect informative selections while recognizing themes in literature and implementing good creative writing techniques.

Students will continue learning about physical fitness, personal hygiene, good relationships and the skin in the area of health.