Third Grade

Core subjects

In grade 3 students shift from learning to read to reading to learn. Comprehension and
literacy skills are paired so as to gain meaning from reading informational and literature texts. Students learn how to interpret author’s meaning, analyze characters, setting and plot, discern story elements and learn figurative language.

Students in grade 3 continue to develop grammar and written compositions. Written work will include summarizing reading, comparing and contrasting, fact and opinion, and utilizing graphic organizers to assist with grouping ideas. Students will utilize these ideas in written expression to complete book reports.

Key learning

In the area of mathematics, students will work with numbers up to 1,000,000. They will solidify understanding of symbols such as <, >, =. They will solve problems through the orders of operation. Students will master and memorize their multiplication and division facts. Decimals will be introduced through money.

Students will work with time by telling analog time and calculate elapsed time. Fractions and mixed numbers will be worked with and solved to the simplest form.

In the area of History students will learn about America expanding to the west coast and modernizing. In the area of geography, students will continue to study the oceans, states and expand on that by learning major rivers, mountain ranges and the location of famous landmarks.

Units of study in science will follow the days of God’s creation (i.e. day one – universe, energy, day five and six- the animal kingdom).


Students will study health by continuing to learn about healthful eating, exercising,
preventing sickness, first aid, safety in public and manners.