Second Grade

Core subjects

Second grade students continue with literacy through expanding on the four
basic domains of language arts: listening, speaking, reading and writing. They
practice this through poetry, singing, learning blends and digraphs.

They solidify this learning through spelling (encoding) the sounds they hear into the written word. They identify long and short vowels, diphthongs, digraphs, and simple suffixes.

Key learning

Second grade students expand their writing through learning parts of speech and utilize correct grammar for proper nouns, commas in a series and more. They write longer sentences, expanding them with adjectives and use irregular verb tenses. Second grade students are able to answer comprehension questions regarding setting, characters and beginning, middle and end of longer stories.

In math, second grade students will understand numbers through 10,000.
They learn doubles for adding and subtracting. Students begin the basics of
multiplication through repeated addition. They skip count to solidify repeated
addition. They build upon the first grade foundations for money, time,
measurement and data. Students will build on foundations of geometry and
algebraic thinking through learning symmetry, plane figures, and mathematic
vocabulary such as “vertex,” “edge,” and “face.”

In history and geography students will learn about Native Americans and early Americans such as Pilgrims  and Colonists. They will learn more in-depth studies of continents, countries and oceans.  

In science second grade students will learn about human body structures in the eye, skeletal and muscle  systems as well as the plant world, animal habitats, the air around us and the scientific method.


 Health study will continue  with safe practices, manners, and safety in the home.