First Grade

Core Subjects

First-grade students gain basic literacy skills and learn how to read informational and
literature based texts. They use these skills in math, science and social studies.

They continue to build upon the skills learned in kindergarten for domains in English Language Arts in listening, speaking, reading and writing to become literate.

Key Learning

Students in grade 1 further develop numeracy with writing numbers to 120, understanding numbers to 1,000, add and subtract up to and within 18, learn shapes, time, money and are exposed to graphing.  

Students begin history and geography through learning American symbols,
national holidays and their meaning, patriotic songs and identify major countries throughout the world. They learn cardinal directions on the compass rose and learn the continents and oceans.

 In science, students in grade one will learn about health and care of your body (i.e. grooming, eating well exercising and forming good habits), seasons, plants, animals and insects.


Students learn the importance of community helpers and how to view the world and society through a Christian world-view.